Helen Weeds has published what seems to be a reworking of her Paper, ‘TV Wars: Exclusive Content and Platform Competition in Pay TV’ in the August Issue of the Economic Journal.

The RES issued a Press Release,

  1. https://res.org.uk/details/mediabrief/9604901/MEDIA-WARS-Why-pay-TV-operators-and-online-platforms-often-prefer-exclusive-cont.html which 404’s at the RES site
  2. See also TV Wars Exclusive Content and Platform Competition in Pay_ V at researchgate

I summarise by saying that,

Micro-economics suggests that the exclusive owner of premium content should licence it to third parties, especially if there are complementary features of the licensee’s services. Weeds shows that this may depend on the stage of market development; when building market share, it maybe more attractive i.e. more profitable to retain exclusive rights on premium content.

The RES article is published under CC BY-SA, so if I find the .pdf I’ll link it here.

Ms Weeds published an identically named paper in May 2008

  1. https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/upload/da1bd611-0d35-42b6-84e8-cf7c6d6aeb0c_tvwarsmay.pdf

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