I returned to this in March as the Mayor sought comments in the final stage of consultation before agreeing or rejecting outline planning permission. New Cross Labour have published Joan Ruddock’s submission on their web site, here. She is arguing for the cultural planning gain represented by the Sayes Court Garden project and the Build the Lenox project. 20 March 2014

Previously I was working my way through the Officers report to Lewisham’s strategic planning committee which rejected the plan as it now stands on six grounds.The report to the committee is on Lewisham Council’s web site, here.

S3.2 established that the plan has significant variances built into it, S3.2.6 summarises the proposal as,

S3.2.6 A maximum of 3,500 units are proposed, all of which would be built to LifetimeHomes Standard, with 10% being wheelchair accessible or easily adaptable. 15%of the units would be affordable (525 units) of which 75% (394 units) would be intermediate tenure and 25% (131 units) for affordable rent. Given the Outline nature of the application, all figures are indicative.

So 525 houses, the housing list is about 17,000, not sure if that’s people or applications

Affordable means 80% of market rates, new builds (with 1 bedroom) to the south, without the river views and amenities but with better public transport are getting ~£1,000 while two bedroom flats in New Capital Quay are asking for £1,600.  3 Feb 2014

What’s intermediate tenure? Are there any low rent houses proposed?

but I have installed jp-rss-feed which gives us this

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Ripped Off Britain discusses the trap councils are in, where they are taking money in exchange for social or affordable houses.

In the Spring of 2014, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London called the planning decision in and I wrote about his decisions on my blog, in an article called “Mega City” and made a storify also called “Mega City”.

Ian Jack comments on the Gentrification of Deptford, in the Guardian.


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