There’s been a lot happening and I have not been watching. Here’s my notes as I look to catch up. …

The regulatory aquis is being built on the GDPR and the recently passed Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act and the commitment to further regulate AI are all pieces in the new regulatory landscape.

Wikipedia lists the laws as,

I have found the following resources,

  1. Europe fit for the digital age, priorities-2019-2024 the Commission’s headline page, listing projects and milestones
  2. Europe fit digital age, on the digital-markets-act by the commission, and the legislation, also The Digital_Markets_Act by wikipedia
  3. On the Data Act, by the commission’s press office, or here by the Commission
  4. The digital-services-act-package, a landing page, by the Commission on both acts.
  5. Digital Services Act ensuring safe and accountable online environment a landing page on the DSA, by the Commission, on carrier/publisher liability & notify & takedown
  6., a third sector organisation;s comments on the DSA.
  8. McKinsey decide to comment “The EU digital strategy: The impact of data privacy on global business”.
  9. This, EU’s contempt for encryption puts all Europeans at risk, from Euractiv.

The Digital Services Act makes it clear that platforms and other intermediaries are not liable for users’ unlawful behaviour unless they are aware of illegal acts and fail to remove them. It defines a pan-european notice and takedown process, designed to be cheap so SMEs can operate them.

The Digital Markets Act, aims to ensure that large platforms, that behave as gatekeepers behave in a fair way online.Together with the Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act is one of the centrepieces of the European digital strategy.

It seems I made two of these pages, I have transferred the other’s content here. It contains the following links, which I will weed another day.

CC European Parliament BY 2020, cropped from Flickr

I also had a look at the EU’s digital market regulation, this cover privacy, data-protection, e-commerce, direct marketing, and liability for illegal content, from music to porn. They seem to have done quite a bit since I stopped watching them in 2018. Here are my notes and links …


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