I need to do some NWN modding. The first project I set myself looks harder than it should. I want to remodel the NWN1 Thayvian Circlet, to be a circlet. It’s currently a helmet.

Here’s my thread, which I posted on the bioware forums. This states that the game replaces the head with the helmet so making the helmet invisible will not work. It also points me at VFX (visual effect) and the NWNCX (client extender). The CX site has some useful “How to” tutorials. Also points at some implementations of these tools, one of them a bunch of heads. Some of the threads point towards a resource called NWN Explorer, which maybe better more extensive than Leto.

While googling around, I found the

It might be easier to use the Pretty Good Character builder to build a super ring and put that into the game.

So it seems I can try to work out how to

  1. modify the helmet, somehow
  2. create a new head with the powers
  3. add the helmet’s powers to a ring

I know which I think is easier.

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  1. Making a Super Ring

    I used the +PG Character Creator to make a Ring with the combined properties of the Ring of Clear Thought (Int +3) and the Thayvian Circlet (INT +1, Universal Saving Throws +2, Concentration +1).

    I can set the PGCC to exit into one of my Test modules. Now to work out if I can move this into a current game.

  2. Putting the ring into the game looks a bit tricky.

    Maybe I could upload the player.bic into a mod with the ring and then save it out and replace it on the file system.

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