As everyone, I am on email/chat groups which need to be reminded of good behaviour; I was reminded of the early usenet rules of etiquette. These seem hard to find but I tried and came across these two articles. I also include some words written by a friend.

  1. 10 Netiquette Tips For Online Discussions from elearning industry; it can be summed up with the rule, don’t behave other than you would in a real life conversation.  (The featured image comes from this article.)
  2. 15 Rules of Netiquette for Online Discussion Boards [INFOGRAPHIC]/ from Touro College; it uses the word classmates to describe correspondents and it’s an infographic (picture) although not a particularly clever one as it’s still just a list.

Here’s their infographic

15 Netiquette Rules

And here’s some words, from a campaigning comrade,

Around a year ago, Whatsapp gave birth to “Working Together”. Things would never be the same. Since then, … [we] … have been sharing our views, debating, mobilising and spreading the word. Not one political opinion has gone unchallenged, not one petition has failed to circulate.

For the most part: this has been something that has echoed the spirit of our time – and this has been a good thing. But sometimes, in all our zeal and enthusiasm, things get a little chaotic. So, here are the 10 (suggested/open to debate/comments welcome/democratically open to revision), our Working Together Commandments.

Thou shall absolutely share ideas: but thou shalt do it in short concise language.

Let’s repeat that one so we are clear: we shalt practise the art of Whatsapp Haiku when sharing our ideas.

Thou shalt take discussions that have gone back and forth more than 3 times off the group and communicate directly to that person.

Thou shalt avoid cutting an important discussion by throwing in a totally different subject or event. Thou wouldn’t do it in a normal conversation. Thou shalt surely should not do it online.

Thou shalt remember that there are around 60 people reading this group and they deserve a broadcast that informs them of how we can ‘work together’ to get Corbyn into government. Anything else, thou shalt remember is fluff.

Thou shalt always remember that every time someone leaves, this is an unnecessary loss.

6 commandments instead of 10. Less is more.

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