Must do it. Here are some notes! I fancy Lapland rather than Iceland.

I found Best Served Scandanavia, who have a number of tours offering stays at the Ice Hotel, or Tree Hotel. I fancy something a bit more normal (and cheap) and found this tour, the Luleå & Haparanda rail adventure, 4 days, fly (from Heathrow) to Luleå, where day one & four are spent, and a train to Haparanda, Finland where one stays at the Haparanda Stadshotell with its magnificent history and dining room. From £870. I did this. Haparanda is in Sweden.

There are at least two bridges from Haparanda to Tornio, one is a dual gauge railway bridge, which may or may not be open.

from Wikipedia, on the Finnish side

Frustratingly, the train loops north, via Kalix, I was hoping for Sea views. Here is a weather forecast and a webcam. or here, whih gives a 24 hour review, it gets dark early.

Expedia can get me to Luleå from Gatwick with a change at Arlanda, staying at he same hotel, the Elite Stadshotell for under £500, but one misses Haparanda, the train journey should be fab and organised tours.

I may fix the flights myself, Lufthansa do an LCY to Arlanda flight, with a night in Stockholm to bookend the trip. Hotel * ratings vary by country, here is a page which describes how they work in Scandinavia. For me, wifi is a must, but bed & breakfast seems to be standard offering; the 3/4 step includes a restaurant, and internet, but with hotspots and a decent roaming price, maybe it’s not so important. If I go to Stockholm, I need to go to some of these viewpoints.

The train from Stockholm to Luleå takes over 13 hours according to rome2rio. The train from Narvik takes 7½ hours.


Winter is best for the Northern Lights, Visit Sweden says from Dec to March and so I will likely need an ETIAS form.

Norwegian Airlines fly to Lulea & Narvik from Gatwick. Does it snow? Not so sure?

Expedia can get me to Kiruna or [here] for four days/ five nights by Lufthansa at Camp Ripen for £905 at the end of Oct., which is too early

And this one, from Kiruna to Narvik, by the Baltic Travel Company, called the Polar Express!

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