I have implemented the Nulis theme on the wiki, which is apparent if you visit the site using a desktop or other large screen device. It still uses wptouch for smaller screens. I have turned off wptouch for this theme. It seems good for my android systems. The rest of this article talks about anchor tags, the header image and additional toolbar buttons.

Anchor Tags

I have worked out rules to style the anchor tags within the entries and comments. I can add color properties if I choose but it has a focus color change.

.entry-content a { text-decoration: underline; }
.comment-list a  { text-decoration: underline; }

Header Image

As you can see I have changed the header image using the widget controls in the dashboard.

Green Leaves

I shall use this to explore the attachment page concept.


I have placed “Go to Content/Home”, RSS and a “Go to Index” button in the toolbar panel at the top of the page.

The buttons are held in a LIst in the header.php. The new buttons require some CSS. These have both been copied and adjusted from the Nulis master files.

The current child CSS file is style.css. It includes image assignment statements, and image display rules.

The header code is here…. Each list item consists of a list item, an anchor tag and a php call, styled by a span statement. In my new links I have assigned a hyperlink i.e. href property to the anchors because this is what’s needed. The list is enclosed by a DIV class called “toolbar”.

Perhaps I need to have another go at the button colours and maybe do an A-Z button. (It’d cut out one click & refresh).

Time to check out Add Meta Tags, if does the obvious ones and open graph. I need to see how it populates the page descriptions.

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  1. I have updated the Energy Economics article to have a 650 px wide image. It looks better. I need to experiment with what happens if the picture is wider than the column.

  2. It might be best to have different header panel for other than the home page, it’s very deep for laptop use, and maybe annoyingly inappropriate for single pages or archive replies.

  3. I have reconfigured ‘recommended posts’ and ‘add this’. I used the child theme to manage the look & feel of these plugins.

  4. I am using rules on the .entry-content and .comment-list classes

    .entry-content a { text-decoration: underline; color: #FFC6700; }
    .comment-list a { text-decoration: underline; color: #FFC6700; }

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