The Labour’s Left have been badly beaten on the elections that have just taken place. Both Rebecca Long Bailey and Richard Burgon’s votes were disappointing and in the NEC bye-elections, the Progress/Labour First candidates won al three positions. Even the left’s leadership have come to the conclusion that things must change. Corbyn’s coalition is broken, a new one needs to be constructed, but it may not be possible. Here’s some reading to help me understand because, “All the King’s horses and all’ the King’s men” aren’t available. 



And added on the 19th May,

  1. It’s time for a new generation. Why I’m not standing in Momentum’s elections
  2. Exclusive: ‘Momentum Renewal’ launch backed by Labour MPs and high-profile activists, on Labour List, the MP backers are Lavery and Trickett.

Forward Momentum have published a Video on Twitter

My outstanding question is can the Left coalesce around momentum or must it be replaced.

Forward Momentum re born in miasma of witch hunting, Ruth Cashman is refused permission to run as a candidate on their behalf; these articles seem to be part of the problem.

  1. Meaningless noise, published in 2015, a weekly worker attack on both workers power and the AWL
  2. Political Islam, Christian Fundamentalism, Marxism and the Left Today, written by Magatmna in the noughties and republished in 2013
  3. In Defence of the Alliance for Workers Liberty, where the article is critiqued and its importance questioned.
  4. Undemocratic, backroom politics, what the AWL have to say.
  5. What Ruth has to say, as she decides to stand anyway.

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