Privacy & Human Rights at the UN

In 2013, AFAIK, the United Nations General Assembly, passed the UN Human Rights Commission proposal, The right to privacy in the digital age, the results of this led to the establishment of a Special Rapporteur on Privacy reporting to the OHRC. The SRoP reports once/year to the Human Rights Committee and once each year to the General Assembly which receives the report at its 3rd committee plenary (I think).  I can’t find the reports, there ought to have been one in 2016, here is what I have found …

  1. UN GA Resolution on Privacy in the Digital Age 2016
  2. The UN HCR page on Privacy, a commentary
  3. The minutes of the UN HRC that passed the Privacy resolution
  4. Documents of the 71st session of the 3rd Committee


Image Credit: @flickr CC Rob Zand 2011 BY-NC-ND. This is cropped cropping is not a derived work.

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