In 2013, AFAIK, the United Nations General Assembly, passed the UN Human Rights Commission proposal, The right to privacy in the digital age, the results of this led to the establishment of a Special Rapporteur on Privacy reporting to the OHRC. The SRoP reports once/year to the Human Rights Committee and once each year to the General Assembly which receives the report at its 3rd committee plenary (I think).  I can’t find the reports, there ought to have been one in 2016, here is what I have found …

  1. UN GA Resolution on Privacy in the Digital Age 2016
  2. The UN HCR page on Privacy, a commentary
  3. The minutes of the UN HRC that passed the Privacy resolution
  4. Documents of the 71st session of the 3rd Committee


Image Credit: @flickr CC Rob Zand 2011 BY-NC-ND. This is cropped cropping is not a derived work.

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