I have been using the Related Posts plugin by Sovrn Zemanta. At some time, WordPress deprecated this and one of the webservice providers “Zemanta” withdrew/failed or something … this led me to consider how to replace it as I very much like the feature, although given the low readership, I wonder how many others than me find it so.

I don’t want to lose the current list of “Related Posts”, I suppose I need to examine the database records of the current provider. It would seem that Automatic have provided equivalent functionality in Jetpack, which I have not installed on this wiki; perhaps I should.

While looking for a picture for this blog, I found this article, listing someone’s favourite 7 plugins.

I transferred to Jetpack; it’s quite odd, I opened this thread at the support forum, initially it didn’t work, and latterly the recommendation seem odd. I need it to select primarily on category because of the way I use categories. They are statements of editorial intent and usually unique. I would also like to hint about how old it should look back. I would also like to exclude certain articles, say those with a given tag, such as deprecated. I would like the display to be defined by lines/rows and not by items.

There’s a bunch of alternates to choose from, if I so wish.

I think I will, what they offer is just odd.

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  1. This post originally said, ‘I have been using the Related Posts plugin. I just took an update, and it rewrote the parameters, the default is to have two copies of related posts inserted because the default is to have “Auto Insert Related Posts (or add to your single post template)” set to yes.

    I have also selected the Modern theme, with Display thumbnails off.’

  2. I installed Jetpack, looks like I need to amend the child theme as Nulis seems to supress the Related Posts widget.

  3. I amended this to reflect my current thoughts on the Jetpack Related Posts plugin, which is not doing what I want.

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