It needs to be done, badly, has done for years, but is the DE bill an incentive to replace it with an appliance to act as a router/firewall etc. I am planning to move the internet facing services to a web hosting company’s server, but do I need something small and UNIXy.


  • Shuttle X27D, thier own page on the X27D
  • Their European product page
  •, a UK dealer that’ll sell one, they’re based in Slough and have a customer that puts Ubuntu on it, however it only has one disk. Do I care?
  • El Reg’s Review it seems its desktop capable
  •, one OS if I can be bothered to get on top of it, although what’s its future now Oracle own Solaris.

How would one perform the initial boot?

More or Less

I also wrote about the qube on my blog, originally at Sun and then latterly on my blog. The style is pretty pompous, but i suppose I’ve got to get used to it, that’s a bit of me.

I eventually had to get rid of it when both disks went in a couple of months. I eventually transferred the bliki to an AWS machine.

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