I copied this across on 24th June 2013 and tarted it up a bit. It’s seven years since we visited. Some of these links will be old, maybe broken, but certainly out of date.  I first visited Seville just before the Easter of 2006. As ever I used the Rough Guide to Andalucia to plan the holiday and posted some of my pictures in a set at flickr. The featured picture is from the Patio de Donacellas in the Real Alcazar. This was first made in 2008  and some of this is pretty outdated.

The Guardian reviewed their wiki’s Seville page in the weekend travel supplement of the 2nd September 2006, which is here…, they revisited it in October 2007, here…

Things we did

  • Visited the Cathedral and Giradeli
  • Visted the Alcazar, tapas bars in the Barrio Santa Cruz, travelled in the rain down the river and back.
  • During a downpour, we dropped into the Restuarant Horacio, one of my most enjoyable meals.
  • We visited a rather amazing fine art gallery, entrance free to EU passport holders, I must find a link. The building was amazing.

Things we didn’t do

Next Time


I stayed at the Casas de los Mercaderes, which is part of a group whose site is here…. When I originally found this site it was very much optimised for IE, but it seems the site has changed and on re-reading the Rough Guide, it would seem the whole chain is located in interesting and well located buildings. The Casas de los Mercaderes has a sun roof.

The BeenThere wiki recommends the Hotel Ascoba del Rey and the Alminar Hotel. Closer reading of the Rough Guide suggests some more good hotels if the lack of bar at at the Casas de los Mercaderes puts us off next time.

Tips from the Guardian

All sorts of things

  • You want Moor!, from the Guardian Travel 27 Oct 2007, covers things to see and do, places to eat, Dancing, Late Night bars and Where to Stay!


  • El Faro de Triana, in the Triana on the Guadalquvir
  • Restaurante San Marco written by David Munk, who kindly put a bunch of things into the site all of which look good. (Thank you!). The building sounds fun here.


Things to Do

  • Museo del Baile Flamenco
  • Learn Spanish
  • Use the Arabian Baths @
  • Visit Cadiz, its an hour by Rail.
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