I think I might go there. Here are my notes …

Getting there

On public transport

  • Explaining the ticketing system, ticket information for tourists which I didn’t find so useful and explaining the Smartcard
  • https://rkiosk.ee/ in Estonian, a ticket eshop
  • I found this notice at the bus/tram stop. They recommend an app, (which I couldn’t use) and a web site, https://tallinn.pilet.ee/ with an English translator which allows one to buy a QR code, delivered by email. It seems that a bank card can be used too. I wish I had known that before I travelled.
  • Generally on public transport, some advice suggest that Taxi’s seem a bit of a risk on price. Bolt now seem to operate in Tallinn and also have scooters all over the place.


Estonia uses the Euro, but I found in Tallinn every one takes Visa, even the buses/trams.


I was there at the end of March and it was cold and forecast to snow on the weekend. I didn’t take a hat, which was a mistake.


Here’s my Expedia page for Hotels, Hotel Bob W Avangard although I stayed in the Barons. in the old town which was nice. I’d go there again.

Things to do

The Guardian recommends 10 things to do albeit in 2017.

The rough guide recommends,

  • The Lahemaa & Vilsandi National Parks
  • Piusa sand caves
  • Kumu art museum
  • Saarema, one of Estonia’s islands
  • Pärnu beach

I made a map, I am sure there’s lots to do.

Having returned, I can extend my where I’ve been map …

visited 26 states (11.5%)
Try Neptyne, the programmable spreadsheet, inserted by the map author

This is distorted by the fact that the map author no longer portrays Hong Kong as a stand-alone state.

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