Just come off an IAPP webinar called, “The EU’s Strategy for Data: What the DSA, DMA, DGA mean for privacy”. These stand for Digital Services/Market/Governance Acts. I wonder if this the EU’s equivalence of the UK’s Data: A new direction. Much of the seminar, or the bit I stayed for was does this conflict with the GDPR. The answer is probably; it will certainly increase the cost of compliance.  I have written a couple of times here and on my linkedin blog that I believe the Commission has always been more aligned with business need and the needs of the security services where as the Parliament and the A29WP and its successor the EDPSB have been more pro-citizen. Both are concerned about the market dominance of the US datenkraken, but that boat has probably sailed. Here are my noted and links. …

I made some notes and did some reading; I came to the conclusion that I had to go to the text of the law, which pointed me at the Commission’s declaration of strategy.

I captured the idea of ‘trusted intermediaries’ and ask if this is a detente i.e. trust and verify or mandates a co-op governance models.

The EU has a strategy it seems, and they say more on its home page on europa. This is commented on at a site called, Data Economy.

I googled “trusted intermediaries” and found, a site, called “Data trusts and the draft Data Governance Act“. Let’s see what it says.

EDRi talks about the Digital Market Act, I note that the threshold for the anti-monopoly provisions is £80bn and so likely to only impact the US datenkraken.

The concillium page says, “The Data Governance Act (DGA) will set up robust mechanisms to facilitate the reuse of certain categories of protected public-sector data, increase trust in data intermediation services and foster data altruism across the EU.” The Commission proposal is here.  The DGA has a very limited entry in wikipedia, although it claims to have two citations that review it. One of its citations is “White Paper on the Data Governance Act” from a team at the U. of Leuven. This took me to the EU’s page on the Open Data Directive. Is the DGA a follow-up to the Open Data Directive which encouraged/mandated that publicly held data be made available at marginal cost, through publication or API.

Also the EU on the Digital Services Act., which acts as an anthology, for the DSA & DMA.

A Data Act is coming.

Regulating the Media

European Parliament’s DMA vote paves the way for a future forward media sector  from the European Publisher’s Council. NB These are not guardians of Article 10 rights.

European Media Freedom Act: Commission starts consultations with call for evidence from the EU.

The Commission has started consultations on its upcoming European Media Freedom Act.

Media Freedom Act call for evidence

The Media Freedom Act is a landmark initiative announced by President von der Leyen in her 2021 State of the Union address, which will safeguard the pluralism and independence of the media in the EU internal market.

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