Someone suggested that Lewisham Deptford was the Green’s No 1. Target at the next general election. It surprises me, but I had a look at the last London Assembly Party votes by ward across London. Darker green is the stronger support.

Relative votes for the Green Party in GLA 2021 by ward

This chart shows green votes by ward, and the darkest colour signifies between 800 and 1200 votes for the Party vote, excluding postal votes, this is a ward winning number. They seem to have some strength along the Thames but south of the river.

Relative votes for the Green Party in GLA 2021 by boro

Here is the borough maps, with postal votes included. The high category is from 13,500 to 17,750; a long way from winning a borough although they are the opposition in Islington, Newham and Richmond upon Thames.

This was made using the GLA tools and the London elects data.

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