While defending people against unfair dismissal, we often need to understand what compensation might be won in a tribunal. The Ministry of Justice publish figures about the activity of the tribunals and one of the UK’s law firms summarise them in a blog article, listing maximum, median and mean average awards.Here are my notes …

The median average for unfair dismissal is £6,243 (to Sep. 2019) although for most discrimination cases as a class, the awards are higher, in the case of age discrimination almost double, but with the exception of religious or belief discrimination which is a lot lower.

Where median is > than mean we have a low award skewed distribution, and the opposite is also true. It might be fun to go to the MoJ stats and build the complete frequency distribution.

skewness from wikipedia
from wikipedia

Here are Morton Fraser’s figures as a table.

Fascinating the variances from the baseline by class, I wonder if the law or the courts are prejudiced?

An article, at Michael Mores, stating the Tariff for compensation for 2022/23, these are called vento bands.

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