I need to stay in Vienna at some time over the summer of 2009, I made this page to help find some Hotels for me and the family. In the noughties I used the Rough Guide but in Sept 2022, I decided to return in 2022 and used Expedia. Here are my notes …

Getting there

The man in seat 61 says it can be done by train, changing at Brussels and Frankfurt. Maybe trainline can do better. However if time is short one has to fly and return legs prices are very cheap. In Sept 2022, I used Expedia to book tickets with WizzAir, LGW – VIE Return. There were sadly no LCY flights on the days I wanted.

Wizzair have a check in site which points at their app, the site does not seem to work well with Firefox; best use the app. Gatwick recommend arriving two hours before take-off while VIE has a traveller advice site,  This page from welcome pickups is dated Sep 2019, “how to get from the Airport to the City“.

Getting about

  • https://www.visitingvienna.com/transport/public/, there’s a 72 hour pass it seems!
  • It seems that the OBB and Vienna Transit have different tickets, I bought my self a day pass to travel round the ring, the No 1 tram no longer does this, like the circle it’s been made a comma. Wien Mitte to the Airport, one way, by OBB = 4.30 EUR.



  • Ruby Lissi found at expedia.com, just inside the ring. Looks nice. I found one or two others ata round £100+ per night in August. Does Vienna close down in August still?
  • I am going to the Grand Ferdinand 5*’s, hope I enjoy it. Three restaurants and a pool, a roof top lounge but not the same view as the start of the 3rd Man. (Wonder if I could have done this by train) See also what Santorini Dave has to say! Looks like the fine dining on the Wednesday and the Rooftop Bar after the concert.
  • While poking around the internet, I found https://www.pertschy.com/ inside the Ring, old world buildings


  • The Konig von Ungarn is well reviewed here… and here…, which makes it seem very attractive. It is very centrally located. (See here….) (T) +431 515 84-0. We actually stayed here in 2006, its excellent, as its restaurant, the people were great and we got a two room suite, for the family which is very hard to find in capital cities. It was ***** at the time.
  • Pension Aviano, off Kartnerstrasse, part of a chain, building looks good. Restaurant? – The Hotel Mailbergerhof is also very well located but likely to be more expensive than the Konig von Ungarn. It’s described in the guide as the most baroque hotel in Vienna. I’ve been quoted under 200 Euros/room Early Summer 2006.
  • The Hotel Sacher is one of the big three luxurious imperial hotels. Pretty expensive, probably more than I want to pay for two rooms. 2009
  • The Radisson SAS Palais looks quite good since its located in what were once two palaces. Its on Ringstrasse, so we should check it out, maybe drinkies in the lounge. (This seems to have gone).


In 2009, I made my 1st google map, which sits in my Mittel Europa mao, detailing the city centre and airport, or but more recently made this one.

Things to Do

  • https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attractions-g190454-Activities-Vienna.html
  • We ought to be able to listen to some Mozart, Beethoven or Strauss
  • Wonder what’s on at the Opera?
  • Need to take in some Art, either the the MAK or to check out Klimt’s legacy this site bears reading.
  • The Spanish riding school (Training not the show), in the Hofburg
  • The Hofburg, Belvedere & Schonbrunn
  • The Johan Strauss Museum
  • Cocktails in the Loos Bar or the Radisson Palais on Ringstrasse.
  • Tram ride on the Ring
  • 3rd Man walk
  • Walk around the Innere Stadt
  • Trip out to the Ferris wheel
  • Trip out to the Heurigen

The IUSY Headquarters is in Vienna.

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  1. I amended this page in September 2022 in preparation for a return trip. I revised the links on getting there (and back). I also removed some comments about a Vienna Review shared with us by Gill. I made a my map of Vienna, rather than relying on my Mittel Europa one.

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