The BT Home Hub supports dynamic and static i.e. file IP acquisition strategies for networked systems. It also permits the “fixing” of addresses to a dynamic client.

I have implemented dynamic but fixed addresses on my three servers.  So note, we now have dynamic, fixed and static addresses. One needs to be clear when asking for help.

This was written about 2009 and is outdated.

Windows XP

This is what I did, on the Dell, a statically addressed system, with an address outside the dhcp address pool, in order to convert it to dynamic but fixed.

  1. I extended the IP address pool to include the static addresses using the hub manager control panel
  2. I reset the computer system to act as a dhcp client using the windows control panel.
  3. The BT Hub manager software then recognised the system and displayed its details in the Home Network page.
  4. I reset the computer system as static with the desired IP address
  5. The Hub Manager then sees the computer system as statically addressed with the required ip address. On the system’s device page I then set the “Always use this IP address” to Yes.
  6. I then reset the computer system’s address resolution to dynamic and rebooted.

The computer is now a dhcp client with a fixed address, provided this part of the hub manager software works properly.

This involved a lot of re-booting the computer.


I found this page at, which hints at how to configure a system as a DHCP client. Its this that prompted me to search on the hard disk and conclude the Qube has no dhcp client.

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