I fancy a trip, Rough Guide is on the way; here are my notes.

  1. Attractions and Activites near Vilnius from Trip Advisor
  2. Hotels in and near Vilnius from Trip Advisor
  3. http://www.imperialvilnius.lt/en/
  4. https://artis.centrumhotels.com/en/
  5. http://grutoparkas.lt/en_US/ includes soviet period statues documenting the occupation & how get there from trip advisor again
  6. Beachfront-hotels.com have a list of beach front hotels.
  7. LOT, claims two flights/day from LCY to Palanga
  8. Omio has found a bus journey from Berlin to Vilnius
  9. The man in seat 61, has a journey, train and boat, via Kiel! If travelling Eurostar using interail tickets, then one must book seats on the Eurostar.
  10. I was looking for something else, and discovered there’s at least one ferry route from Sweden, which of course be travelled to directly or via Denmark

I want a trip to the seaside, bus or train? Strangely the Bus’s are quicker than the trains. Klaipedia on the coast is 306k/190m from Vilnius. My driving licence works in Lithuania, no need for an international licence 7/11/2022

There’s an airport on the coast, called Palanga. There are direct flights from all London airports, inc City to Vilnius and also direct flights to Palanga.

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  1. I had a look at prices for August, very expensive, over £750 for 5 days, although I did ask for a slightly bigger room at the Artis Centrum.

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