What if I need a new Tablet? Here are my notes?

  1. Samsung UK S compare page, (S Series, Wifi)
  2. A vs S an indy review, what it doesn’t say is that the A only has 32GB although it has an external micro disk.
  3. S7+ Product Page
  4. S6 Lite Product Page
  5. Argos search page

The SM-T800 is not on the buy back list, they suggest selling it on the recycling page, they’ll offer me £40 ptui – but better than nothing.

S7 is more expensive, and I can’t see what it buys, a bigger, better screen, better cameras, a rated 8GB RAM, which might become important useful. Broader colour range 😳.

The S6 LIte seems to be the choice. Easy to find with 64Gb, less so with 128GB, but it can bought direct from Samsung, otherwise Amazon, Argos or even Ebay.

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