The Govt send HMS Defender into the Black Sea where it approached or entered Ukraine’s or Russia’s territorial waters and the Russians took some form of warning action using either artillery, naval guns and/or bombs. This is just a provocation. WTF were we doing there? …


  • HMS Defender is a Type 45 Destroyer, whose main purpose is area defence against aircraft and missiles. It is also armed with Harpoon surface to surface missiles. It would seem fortunate that the Russian Navy has abandoned the Sovremenny class guided missile destroyers.
  • It all reminds me of the Yangtse Incident, and HMS Amethyst, although it seems the Govt had a reason for sending the ship up the river.
  • The Guardian reports, Britain acknowledges surprise at speed of Russian reaction to warship, with a map and a stupid quote from our clown of PM.

“The important point is that we don’t recognise the Russian annexation of Crimea. This is part of a sovereign Ukrainian territory, it was entirely right that we should vindicate the law and pursue freedom of navigation in the way that we did, take the shortest route between two points, and that’s what we did.”

Boris Johnson

Where was it going, why was it in the Black Sea at all?

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  1. In 2022, 6 months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, perhaps I was a bit harsh in my judgement of the Government, although these things can be well done or poorly done.

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