I came across this launch review for by Russel and James’ “The parliamentary battle over Brexit“. I have highlighted the following quotes from article, …

In this light, it was remarkable that consultation with the public effectively ceased after the referendum. The result was close, and the country divided.

The government claimed a mandate on the basis of the referendum – ostensibly pitting direct democracy against the UK’s traditional representative democracy. But very often these arguments were really ones about executive versus parliamentary power.

… [Party] member ballots fundamentally undermine accountability in systems of parliamentary democracy.

And commenting on government shenanigans, the use of secondary legislation and emergency schedules, they say,

An urgent priority is to rebuild a culture of scrutiny, which is essential to the democratic legitimacy of government, and to making policy well.

I say this can only be done if we elect a pluralistic House of Commons.

Another interesting point, particularity given the work I am doing with the CTOE, is that UCL on behalf of UK in a changing Europe organised a citizen’s assembly in Sept 2017.

From the UK Parliament site, reused under parliamentary copyright permissions. i.e Parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of Parliament. This is equivalent to CC BY-NC-ND. https://is.gd/4630pg & https://is.gd/UstENb

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