Converting a Snip

Converting a Snip

I need to convert my snipsnap snips to wordpress. I therfore need to consider the following things.

  1. Headings
  2. Links
  3. Bolds
  4. Italics
  6. Lists
  7. Images
  8. HTML Objects
  9. Line Throws


Headings, lines start with “1 ” or “1.1”, the ones need to be H3, or the title, and the onedotone need to be H3 or H4, depending on how the one is treated and if there is one.


These take the following format

{link:flickr pictures|}

The anchor text is between the colon and the pipe, the URL is between the pipe and the last ‘}’. I need to extract the anchor and the URL and generate an anchor tag.

‘< a =HREF=”‘ + $hyperlink + ‘”>’ + $anchortext + ‘</a>’

Don’t forget about the img decorations for the hyperlink.

Don’t forget about the name only anchors!

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    [...] I have a seperate wiki page that deals with the contents of the <content:encoded> element, called Converting a Snip. [...]
  2. ReplyAuthorDave
    Eventually, I mainly did this by hand!

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