Kevin Brennan MP, introduced a private member’s bill earlier this year to establish the right to ‘equitable’ remuneration for musicians and composers for use of their material on streaming platforms. It would seem that this is an attempt to implement a series of recommendations from the DCMS Select Committee. (I think the bill will fail to leave the Commons as most private member’s bill do.) See below/overleaf for more notes and links.

The IP Kat describes the Bill as follows,

At the same time, one of the DCMS Select Committee members, Kevin Brennan MP, sponsored a Private Members’ Bill, which proposes to introduce legislation giving effect to some of the recommendations made by the Committee, namely equitable remuneration for streaming, contract adjustment, right of revocation and transparency.


The bill, and its notes’  are hosted on its Parliament’ page. The following is an extract from the notes,

Currently a right to equitable remuneration is provided under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 in relation to other exploitation of musical works, however, in relation to the “making available” right, that right to equitable remuneration is excluded by the operation of s182D(1)(b) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

It seems to be another of these debates between artists and their lobby and the interests of the platforms and recording industry. See this at the IP Kat for a cynical take on this view,

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