I was thinking about DaaS and how to use RDP to access a modern desktop from my Tablet and my thoughts moved to Azure although I have not given up on AWS. In fact, I will be faster with AWS and actually have an account. Here’s the links and reading …

Basic Azure

  1. The Azure Portal, I have an azure account although it has no credits left from the course I took.
  2. It would seem I need a subscription.
  3. How to start a VM, not that hard and it comes with an rdp applet configured.
  4. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/sambetts/2015/04/08/creating-a-cloud-workstation-with-azure/

On Amazon

  1. How to use Amazon Workspaces by AWS, looks expensive.

How might I script the installs I require, boomy icons, office.com, firefox and Chrome? (Is this powershell?)

  1. On building an Amazon instance; I can do this now. I was working through this example to assign a DNS name to the instance. I tried to assign an elastic IP and then create a subdomain and A record but the rdp client can’t won’t connect using the DNS address; it will if I use the IP addresses. I have asked for help on the amazon developer forums.
  2. One issue with AWS is that of cost. Bu one could use the CLI to start and stop the instance, but willing to bet that the tablet won’t install the CLI, nor chocolatey, be fun to try.

A bit more

A piece on why Azure before Amazon

  1. Forget Amazon Workspaces – Build a DaaS in Microsoft Azure (or any Other Cloud)
  2. This article at AWS developer forums is three years old and considers the AWS offering weak and underpowered and claims it was based on Windows Terminal Server. Some of this is denied by the Amazon staffer.

So, lets

  1. Check on AWS, because I am faster.
  2. Open an new account on my main microsoft login
  3. check out how to make a desktop
  4. build one & run it.

This article “Amazon Web Services” is about how to build a personal consumer (Linux) AMI.

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