The government issued a consultation on the Data Protection law; it was commonly felt that they were attempting to allow itself to monetise the personal data of citizens, especially through the NHS data files. Whether after their response, it is felt to be so threatening is another matter. Here are my notes …

Some links

  1. UK Official: Mass Resignation Won’t Interfere with Facilitation of US Data Transfers – Nextgov – won’t work on my firefox, Jenny Hall, director of data policy at the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport blusters that losing 50 ministers won’t slow them down. This article suggests that the priority is to ease UK/US x-border transfers; the EU may well not like that as its own hostory with the US and its surveillance laws is unhappy and contentious. This article shows the UK is actually standing still, probably looking to make it marginally easier to send stuff to and from the USA.
  2., the ORG takes a different view
  3. I have some links on data protection on diigo.
  4. Including this one which identifies the ICO Commissioner’s accountability as a key detriment to the proposed law.

Meanwhile the EU laws change,

  1., a commentary on the Data Governance Act and the Data Act
  2. The CoFoE report had a lot to say about privacy and data protection.

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