I am trying to install natter on my Galaxy S5 and get an install error 505. Here are my notes. I have now fixed issue, see the final paragraph.

  1. First port of call is the associated  google play error page. I have worked through all these steps and it’s still not working.
  2. I run a google search and some of the replies look a bit heavy and require root access. This one suggests removing and reinstalling the “play” account, which sounds odd, I am really not sure what impact removing the google account will have on the operating system. I have android version 5.0.2.
  3. I ring Samsung Support, who talked me through a soft reboot, a new three finger manipulation (Down Volume, Do and Power (last)). They next advice is to reset to factory settings; I’d prefer something less dramatic.
  4. I was right to do so, I rang Google help, there is now one since this is about giving them money, and my help desk helper, talked me through security which involved seeing that I knew about payment authorisations; we discovered that mine had expired. I deleted the authority record and the installation worked fine.

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