I have written a lot recently about how building e-voting systems is hard but here are two initiatives that try and address this issue. I need to read about them in more detail, but the first uses the blockchain, it would seem bitcoin’s blockchain, while I am less clear on the Liquid Feedback’s architecture and hence it’s security. See,

  1. http://www.bitcongress.org/
  2. http://liquidfeedback.org/
  3. https://adhocracy.de/

In 2023, I was pointed at, https://decidim.org/

This article, about the German Pirate Party and its technology lists some further products, including adhocracy, see above . All open source of course. The comments are also interesting.

Nearly a year later, 24 Dec 2015, I am pointed at the following products,

  1. https://www.loomio.org/ now reviewed, see the comments
  2. http://democracyos.org/
  3. https://represent.cc/

Some evidence to the Speaker’s Commission on e-democracy., secure-voting-webroots-democracy by webroots democracy, a .pdf. It claims to have taken account the views of leading academics and systems providers, argues it is better than postal votes and uses the low turnouts or number of MPs elected with less than 50% support as arguments in favour of change, although the latter is an argument for PR, as far as I know the view is that online voting has a substitution effect, not an addition. More comments to follow.

The Bit Congress White Paper has moved, I post it here…

I was pointed at choice voting, which offers STV in an SaaS package and looked at surveymonkey’s anonymity vs secrecy statement.


I have made some bookmarks at Diigo.

More coming soon, maybe.

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  1. I reviewed Loomio earlier in the month. It’s very pretty, but restricted to threads and polls; the polls are restricted in how one expresses one’s self, Yes, No, Dunno and Absolutely Not! User management on the other hand is quite rich.

    Possibly a replacement for Simple Machine Forums or Community Forums and their predecessors, but it lacks a karma system.

    Possibly, its simplicity will make it easier for the less IT literate, but it does not have an email interface.

  2. The debate continues, I am influenced by those who think that consensus building solutions differ from those that resolve polarised debates.

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