I did a course on employment law and here are some notes.

I was surprised to learn that protection from unfair dismissal is a human right as far as the EU is concerned. They have a section of the Charter of Fundamental Rights called Solidarity; wikipedia says, “The fourth title (Solidarity) covers social and workers’ rights including the right to fair working conditions, protection against unjustified dismissal, and access to health caresocial and housing assistance.”

The course was supplemented by the LRD’s “Law at Work” 2018 albeit in a Union cover.

I have also bookmarked the following documents,

  1. Conciliation Explained by ACAS
  2. Making a claim to an employment tribunal T420
  3. Agency workers regulations-guidance


This is an important topic, so I decided to lookup the ACAS resources, here is their landing page on bullying & harassment at work I have now made a page on bullying on this wiki.

Flexible working

This is a right for all employees with 26 weeks service longevity.

Tribunal compensation

An article, at Michael Mores, stating the Tariff for compensation for 2022/23, these are called vento bands.

Collective Grievance

A Collective Grievance is defined as a grievance raised by a group of employees (normally two or more) and/or their representative(s) regarding a matter relating to their employment, which is the same situation in the workplace, which is common to them all.

Uni. of Bournmouth via Google


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