There’s a lot of noise on the left about Freeport/Charter Cities. What are they and how dangerous to democracy and workers’ rights are they? Here are my notes.


  1. Maybe the best, but certainly the most recent, Beware the Charter Cities Conspiracy Theory by Chris Grey.
  2. A twitter thread by Patricia Mason
  3. The Government Consultation page on Freeports, this page includes the government response., dated Oct 2020
  4. Freeports Guidance at Gov UK
  5. Freeports: an Overview of the Key Issues by CMS Law Now
  6. Trade: freeports and free zones by the IoG.
  7. What-free-ports-can-and-can’t-achieve, from the Economist, surprisingly agnostic!
  8. These people aren’t
  9. The National, reports on a Sunak speech.
  10. Cormack Lawson on medium

I am looking for the legislative power to do this, it’s not proving easy, maybe the 2021 Budget, the IoG concurs and states that the powers and freeports existed ’till 2012 when the legislation lapsed.

Is this another concession that Brexit has failed?

The Baker St. Herald is also on the case, documenting the ideological genesis of the idea of Charter Cities and the powerful network pushing them and their [un]desirable end goals. .

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