Here is an image documenting the six data protection principles embedded in the GDPR. I made this using powerpoint and got the pictures from flickr. This page both established a URL and allows me to document the image credits and assert creative commons terms.


This is slide was made by me and is under CC Dave Levy BY-SA 2017

  1.  The Judges  – on flickr, CC openDemocracy 2012 BY-SA
  2. The Fence     – on flickr, CC Feran Jordà 2012 BY-NC-ND
  3. The Boat       – on flickr, CC James Butler 2012 BY-NC-ND
  4. The Target    – on flickr, CC Cesar Bojoquez 2005 BY
  5. The Clock      – on flickr, CC Dineshraj Goomany 2010 BY-SA
  6. The Keyhole – on flickr, CC stanze 2014 BY-SA

And so I made a second one, this time on the lawful reasons.

Lawful Reasons

This is slide was made by me and is under CC Dave Levy BY-SA 2017

  1. The Handshake – on flickr, CC 드림포유 2009 BY-ND
  2. The Contract – on flickr, CC 24oranges,nl 2014 BY-SA
  3. One Way – on flickr, CC Alex Ortiz de Guinea 2007 BY-NC-ND
  4. Danger – on flickr, C C twm 2005 BY-NC-ND
  5. Public Bridleway  – on flickr, CC Chris Holloway 2014 BY
  6. Binoculars – on flickr, CC Mark Lindsey 2006 BY-NC-ND

4 Replies

  1. Hi Dave, would you please give me permission to use these in Awareness training, if I note yor URL on the slide? Many thanks

  2. Yes. I am changing the copyright terms for my slides to CC BY-SA. The reasons for originally claiming all rights reserved have gone. You should/must refer to this URL, or alternatively satisfy yourself that you have met the image creative commons restrictions. They all require attribution but some have a no derivatives restriction.

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