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Glacier Safari

Glacier Safari

So I am researching glacier safaris in Iceland.

  2., mainly Land Rover Defenders, which while cool, may not be the most comfortable, it’s in these circumstances that one might prefer a Rage Rover, even an Evoque.
  3., the northern lights
  4.×4-super-jeep-tours/winter-highlights/, snowscapes, one provider’s winter trips
  5. The google search, “iceland glacier safari”

In Iceland, they use the Iceland Krona, here is Oanda’s converter, in June 2016, it was about 181 ISK to the pound.

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  1. ReplyGeorge Waltanstove
    I took a tour with to Langjokull glacier, it was great.
  2. ReplyAuthorDave
    I should go in the winter if looking for the 'lights' and need to check how long the snow lasts into the summer. Given I wrote this 4 years ago, need to check if its still worth doing.

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