I am mailed once/month by Naymz who tell me that they have discovered something interesting about me. I often login to see, but it rarely seems to be that interesting. I have not connected all my  networks to it, keeping it out of Yahoo and Facebook which I treat as mainly private networks. This week I decided to have a further look, among other reasons, I have forgotten how I came to use it.

I found the following link, Paul Geffen on why use it vs. LinkedIn which suggests it should be used to create a foot print inside google’s search index

When I placed a time limit on the search, I came across, “Reputation Management: Why it Matters and What to Do About It”, which suggests its best use is as a scope on one’s reputation. Ths is dated, 12th June 2015, and also points at, findmeon, which was down today, but not Klout which wasn’t.

I have not connected either of these networks to Facebook, but I did tweet Klout to remind them about Medium, which would mean they pick up the blog. Naymz seems much more focused on the social, so if I plan to use it, best find some more correspondents.


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  1. I have read and acted upon this post by Adam Vince which explains how to use wordpress.com to act as a forwarding agent to Klout; it requires Jetpack which has its own benefits.

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