I have some problems with my family Dells. Dan’s Dell Inspiron has a Hitachi Travelstar disk. Given that the computer won’t boot, it’s a bit tricky to recover the data. So here are my notes. 

I have inserted an Ubuntu Live CD into the CD player, and it still won’t boot. I have plugged an external screen into the VGA port, no go.


  • Do we need to fix the computer before we can recover the disk? Disking say they can read the disk and cut a DVD for us.


  • My colleague, Jim Barrett has lent me Magic Bridge II which is pretty awesome. I have recovered Danny’s disk, now onto Sue’s.



It seems that USB to disk adapters are more common than I thought, I have added the Newertech and IOMEGA links to this page today. DFL 20 May 2011

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