I have been pushed to having a look at the law and war crimes, partly, as a result of meeting again, a bunch of people who think they can substitute their own judgement vs. the Rule of Law. Here are, as ever, my notes.

This must take Brits to our recent history in Iraq and Syria. See below.

  1. What I said about Why we need the UN.
  2. The UN Charter
  3. The Charter of the ICC

Let’s look at Chilcott, the UK enquiry into the decision to go to war on Iraq.

  1. Here’s the Guardian, https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jul/06/iraq-inquiry-key-points-from-the-chilcot-report
  2. Here’s the Chilcott Report itself, the Executive Summary is over 150 pages long.

Also, by me,

  1. Where I look at the UK Govt’s justification for bombing Syria, in 2018.
  2. Some more on Syria, again about the 2018 debate, talks about the need for a Security Council mandate.
  3. Bombing Syria/ in 2015, talks about the need for Security Council mandate or an act of self defence, which needs to be effective and proportionate, to disrupt enemy operations. Retaliation is illegal, regime change is illegal, acting in solidarity is illegal and assassination is illegal
  4. My storify on the 2015 debate on Syria., loads of sources.
  5. I wrote on the subject of the legality of sanctions in my snip on Venezuela.

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