A friend was doing some research and so I went and found these documents; the conference documents of #lab16. They weren’t hard to find; they are currently on membersnet. I may continue this as a series and I have previously mirrored the rules here, and have also republished the Collins Report on that page. I have also created a zip file to allow you to copy the documents in one download and linked to the youtube site.

Conference 2016 – reports and other documents

Here are the 2016 documents:

  1. NPF Report 2016
  2. CAC Contemporary Motion Criteria 2016
  3. NEC Report 2016
  4. Delegates Reports 2016
  5. Addendum Delegates Report 2016 FINAL

Here are the Conference Arrangements Committee’s daily reports to Conference


I have zipped them up for you, hashlab16-documents, its 9½ Mbytes.


And here’s the videos

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