I made a document archive of Labour Conference 2016, and thought I’d see if I could do so  for 2017, it might take some time since I  wasn’t a delegate this year, although I built the 2016 archive from membersnet.

Conference 2017 – reports and other documents

Here are the 2017 documents:

  1. NPF Report 2017
  2. Delegates Report 2017 and Addendum to Delegates Report 2017
  3. NEC Report and Addendum to the NEC Report
  4. NEC General Election Report
  5. Contemporary Motions Criteria 2017

The Delegates Report includes the rule changes proposed by CLPs & affiliates in 2017 and thus not available for debate until 2018.

Here are the Conference Arrangements Committee’s daily reports to Conference

I hope this is the Labour Party’s playlist of the conference

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