Last Month, Harriet Harman writes,

As well as mounting a strong opposition to the Tories and understanding the lessons from our election defeat, we need to get on and elect a new Leader and Deputy Leader.

The NEC met this afternoon to decide on the timetable for the leadership election, ….

This leadership election will be run under the new rules we agreed last year: a broad and inclusive contest with one person, one vote. We want as many people as possible to have a vote. More than 30,000 new members have joined the party in the last few days and I hope many more members and supporters will take this opportunity to have their voice heard.

In the meantime, Labour will be taking forward our important task as the official Opposition of holding the Government to account.

We will send you further details about how to submit supporting nominations and the hustings schedule.

Friday 15 May Election Period Opens
Monday 8 June PLP Nomination Hustings for Leader
Tuesday 9 June PLP Nomination Hustings for Deputy Leader
Tuesday 9 June PLP Nominations Open
12 noon Monday 15 June PLP Nominations (Leader) Close
12 noon Wednesday 17 June PLP Nominations (Deputy Leader) Close
Wednesday 17 June Hustings period opens
12 noon Friday 31 July Supporting Nominations Close
12 noon Wednesday 12 August Last date to join as member, affiliated supporter, or registered supporter
Friday 14 August Ballot mailing despatched
12 noon Thursday 10 September Ballot closes
Saturday 12 September Special conference to announce result

I say,

Voting will be done by all Labour members, affiliate members and registered supporters, and will be conducted using a secret postal ballot (or on-line). There are no “colleges” so each vote is of equal worth. This is the “One Member, One Vote” closed primary promised when Labour’s Special Conference adopted the recommendations and rule changes of the Collins Review. You can join, or become a registered supporter by going to  the Labour’s Party’s join us page. Affiliated membership is via your trade union or an affiliated socialist society.

This is accurate as at 3rd June 2015. The featured image illustrates the candidates announced as seeking nomination by MPs.

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  1. Earlier this week, Jeremy Corbyn MP announced he was running for Leader on an anti-austerity platform, he’s been welcomed by many; his campaign twitter feed, facebook page and web site are now all on line, and I have added his picture to the banner on this article.

  2. We are now in the stage, where successful nominees for Leader are campaigning for supporting nominations from affiliated organisations and local labour parties. We are waiting to see who will win nomination for the Deputy Leader race. Meanwhile some wag has started a #tories4corbyn encouraging Tories to register as supporters and vote for him as they think he’ll be the least effective Leader. In order to register as a supporter and obtain a vote, one must sign the following statement.

    I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and I am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it.

    If you can sign this and want register as a Labour Supporter, click on the online registration page.

  3. The ballot papers are being sent out in batches, and the diligence applied to applicants has been increased causing additional delay. Here is the Labour Party’s advice, don’t panic until Sept 1st.

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