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Looking at the local election results

Looking at the local election results

I might do some analysis of the local election results; this would be much easier waiting for the EC to publish the results in spreadsheet form. Here are my notes on sources and methodology.


  1. Election 2019: How the BBC is reporting the results, from the BBC.
  2. Local elections: Results in maps and charts, an overview from the BBC
  3. Local elections 2019: full results for English councils, from the Guardian
  4. Electoral data files and reports, from the Electoral Commission, contains the results from last time round
  5. 2019 United Kingdom local elections, by wikipedia, tracks council, not ward results, probably the source of the list of authorities.
  6. The Democracy Club now have a local results feature.
  7. is also cute, albeit not tabular and not indexed. I wonder if big data tools would help.


  1. UI Path Studio
  2. UI Path Community Edition, their download page


The featured image is of Liverpool City Council Chamber, and is taken from their site.

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