This article was written in 2010 and became defunct. I have not deleted it as I still use the product and that use is increasing. I may create an RDP page as I don’t expect to need this and the RDP integration with today’s W10 is much better. The article looks at using an ipodtouch to connect to a Windows 7 PC.


At some point Virtual Box came with RDP as part of the set up and its allegedly faster than VNC. I want to connect my ipodtouch to my PC’s using Mocha’s RDP Lite.


I have a windows 7 beta VM. (See my blog.) Initially I couldn’t connect using Ipod or the Alienware.

I am now connected using the Alienware and the Microsoft client. The Host is XP Home Edition, SP/3 with a W7 VM hosted in VB 2.2.4, networking = bridged, port = !3389, with the NULL authentication libraries. NB the port is not available on the internet. It does not work with external authentication, and the manual suggests that guest is experimental.

Perry says I need to have the VRDPAuth.dll library in a folder that is pointed to by the %PATH variable. This page at explains how to do it.

I don’t know if port 3389 will work or not because of the order of the testing, but the Mochasoft Client is still not working. They have a FAQ. I can’t get it to work on the EDGE either. Mochasoft suggest an incompatibility or a firewall as the problem. So

  • fix the authentication problems and turn it on
  • sort out the mochasoft problems

What didn’t work!

I had assumed that the initial failures were due to the failure to present the RDP port to the LAN and I tried to map the VM port to the real port. My VM was a NAT machine. The Virtual Box 2.1.4 manual discusses port forwarding in Section 6.1.4. This fails. The W7 image fails to boot; using [gs]etextradata to map port 3389 from the guest to the host causes the VM to fail to boot. I have amended the VM config to chnage the port as suggested by this thread at and this blog at I still get “your remote session has ended”. PerryG says you must use bridged networking.


N.B. The Virtual Box manual is the first port of call. Otherwise these might be usefull.

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  1. I updated the post, it’s 8 years old, and I can’t imagine it’s much use now. I kept it in case I return to RDP, but’its more likely that I’ll open a new page.

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