The 4 trees is one of Claude Monet‘s famous paintings. I need to do a project on it but I also found some useful comments on copyright on the wikipedia page hosting the image.

I have a printed copy hanging on my wall. It seems much pinker than one above and when I was looking for a digital version the colours all seem different. I am curious if this is because he did a bunch or because digitising colour is very technology dependant. I was also unaware that Impressionism was named after this picture called Impression Sunrise. This too appears in many images on the internet, each with slightly differing colours.

Impression Sunrise : Claude Monet (PD)

This is now displayed at the Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris, while Four Tress is in the Met in NYC.

A personal fascination became apparent when I discovered under US Law and the Berne treaties, a faithful photograph of two dimensional pictures do not create a new copyright and thus all the photos of Monet’s art are Public Domain since he died in 1926 and the copyright expired in 2006. …

Here’s a slide show of some I found,

Monet – Four Trees
Monet – Japanese Bridge
Monet – San Giorgio Maggorie at dusk
Monet – Lady with parasol on windy day
Monet – Water Lillies
Monet – House of Parliament in London
Monet – Rouen Cathederal
Monet – Sunrise
Monet – Another Sunrise over the Harbour
Monet – House by the Sea
Monet – Poppyfield
Monet – Red Boats at Argenteuil
Monet – Venice
Monet – Yacht on the River
Monet – Yacht Racing 2

Here are some more, from a google search, …

I went to the fever video exhibition, which I really enjoyed, including the VR tour. This pointed me at some of his sailing and seascape pictures. So I made this slide show.

Sailing Boats
Cliffs and boats at Pourville
Sailing Boats at sea
At petit genvilliers
The sailing boat
The sailing boat
Yachts At Argenteuil
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