I want to use my Nokia with IFTTT as I have selected an RSS/Android SMS service to forward my blog. It doesn’t work here are my notes. …

Setting up the IFTTT was not hard although opinion be divided as to whether one should add the target phone number with or without the International dialling code. (I am currently without, the documentation says this is wrong). However, it ain’t working, I have installed the IFTTT agent for Android and this still is not working. My current theory is that the problem is that Nokia’s implementation of Android kills non-active background tasks. This is obviously published in an API somewhere as Gmail & Twitter seem quite capable of it. Here is a thread on Nokia and background tasks. , and another specific to N3.1 both of which concludes this is a feature of Nokia’s android implementation.

I wonder if the IFTTT event/action needs to be established using the phone agent.

What to do next?

  1. I could try my other phone which is not a Nokia. I have installed IFTTT’s agent on the other phone.
  2. I could try the “group me” service but that might suffer from the same problem i.e.the phone won’t forward the messages because it’s been turned off. (Actually it suffers from another problem, it only sends messages to people who have it installed on their phones.) 😣
  3. I could look for an email service in IFTTT, preferably one to google groups although they all seem to be close tied to my email accounts NB Maybe use O365 when logged into my outlook account.
  4. Can I send a DM to twitter?
  5. I could give up and use another mail forwarding plugin on my blog such as this.

I’ll carefully look at the Nokia Help resources and see if I can log a IFTTT ticket, they have a troubleshooting FAQ and a something they describe as contacting support, but most of the service components are 3rd party and they don’t do incident support. I queried their support knowledge base. Also they wrote a blog when they stopped doing SMS direct.


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  1. I have turned battery optimisation off on the Nokia, I have installed IFTTT on my other phone, and I have recreated the IFTTT applets. Both IFTTT agents recorded the publication of Monet article on the wiki. I chnaged the phone numbers to include the country code.

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