Terrible Law, on refugee & asylum seeker rights and citizenship. There’s a reason that Human Rights prohibit making people stateless. Here are my notes …

Comments & Campaigns

  1. A lobbying letter from momentum on citizenship rights and the AEIP version.
  2. A tweet thread from Nadia Whittome covering citizenship, asylum seekers, restricted rights even if permitted to enter, establishing the state’s right to refuse if not the first country, criminalisation of sea rescue and an immunity for the coast guard when they don’t.
  3. Nationality & Borders Bill: the truth behind the claims, an 8 point rebuttal. This is good.
  4. Detention Action’s Briefing on The Nationality and Borders Bill (July 2021) by detention action
  5. All Articles: Nationality and Borders Bill 2021 from freemovement.org.uk
  6. The British Red Cross on Asylum


  1. New bill quietly gives powers to remove British citizenship without notice
  2. UK seeking offshore asylum centres by Al Jazeera

The Law

  1. The Bill text as at 3/11/2020
  2. The legislative timetable  in the Lords from the 5th Jan.

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