The German SPD, Greens and FDP have concluded their coalition negotiations and published the coalition agreement. It’s called “Dare to make more progress!” It is available from the SPD on their site and I have also put it up on this site. I have also passed it through google translate, and so we can now read it in English, well sort of. Google translate now takes a document as input. I added to the article in Nov 2023 as I was arguing about AMS vs FPTP and needed some facts about the electoral system and the 21 result, maybe I should have the addition on my page, “On Germany’s election system“, but I’ll put in an x-ref there. summarises the agreement, in an article called, What’s in the German coalition deal for Europe (and the UK)? as it impacts the EU and the UK; I’ll need to read the agreement to see what the economic policy implications are for Germany but among other promises, they plan to reduce their reliance on coal.

The new government will be a more committed EU citizen, arguing for stronger enforcement of the rule of law provisions and sanctions against rule breaker. They are equally robust on their relationships with the UK over the FTA and Northern Ireland protocol. They are committed to the Conference on the Future of Europe and greater citizenship participation and open to EU treaty change. They are in favour of transnational party lists, the spitzenkandate process and a common electoral law within the EU. They will also consider an more lenient view on ECB lending, but stand behind the stability and growth pact.

The FT takes a more holistic view reporting on the agreement, talking about climate change and the power between the parties. An interesting insight is that they have agreed to create a department of economics and climate protection to be held by a Green which we can all hope will counter balance the monetary policy mania of the Free Democrats and the recent German consensus.

2021 Election

Wikipedia, of course, documents the 21 election. Statista does so too, and has a non party vote total (8.7%), Wikipedia also has a detailed results page.

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  1. The words on the Northern Ireland Protocol, do not translate well through Google translate, but I have had this done for me.

    We insist on full compliance with the agreed accords, especially with regard to the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Good Friday Agreement. In the event of non-compliance with the agreed standards and procedures, we rely on consistent application of all agreed measures and countermeasures.

    No help there from Germany.

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