Right. I needed to write a UNIQ filter in an excel spreadsheet and this needed to be implemented using functions i.e. not VB for two reasons; I can’t and the customer doesn’t want me to.

I start with

To find this use youtube search with the argument excel magic tricks. We are looking for example 1023. The author, has written a book, which is available from amazon.com here…

I found the following microsoft references useful.

  1. INDEX function at office.com
  2. ROW function at office.com
  3. MATCH function at office.com
  4. SMALL function at office.com

This video shows a simple way to calculate the number of uniq values in a list.

I have built an example,  Uniq Filter demo in Excel this time.


Image Credit: @flickr CC Zamzara 2006 BY-NC-ND +here…

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