This page was originally set up when considering putting a personal LDAP server on the web. This didn’t happen, but the problem of having one address book permanently available still needs to be solved. I got as far as starting a server, although it seems I need root user privilege. None of the vendors help; they want this data private to them, and to create stickiness to them. I amended the page significantly in July 2013, when I copied it across to this wordpress wiki. I fixed the linkroll in March 2014 as I expect to want to install a server as part of my project.

Obviously a start point is, which has a bunch of definitive manual resources.

Unlike some of the RDBMS’s the directory arrives empty, although the user installation process has installed some entries.

How do I install a global administration user? Do i need one?

The usual tools work for start and stop and ldapsearch works from the command line. The Thunderbird address book can read entries in the directory but not drag & drop to the directory.

The OpenLDAP FAQ-o-matic has an addressbook tutorial that deals with both the permissions and LDIF updates required to get an addressbook working.

The browser with ldap://${hostname} finds the server but can’t query the database, it find no matches.

Interestingly the `domainname` is not set, is there a reason for this.

Putting things right

Firstly we need to enable channel 4 on the syslogd. This involves editing /etc/syslogd.conf

local4.*       /var/log/slapd.log

then insert a

loglevel             -1

in the slapd.conf file. This ensure maximum debug written to the log file.

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