I can’t do the “I’m getting gooseberries & strawberry and fruits of the forest” stuff, it all tastes of Grape to me! But like a an art moron, “I know what I like”. I copied this page across on the 19th July. It seemed a shame to let it disappear since it’s part of my memories, but I doubted that I’ll be updating this page; however I changed my mind and started to make some tasting notes again in 2022.


Antakari Syrah 2021, I rather enjoyed this after it had been given the opportunity to breath. Laithwaites say, “Smoky blackberry and spice, black pepper and liquorice ”


El Nubarrón Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile 2021, avoid! Maybe harsh, it’s the taste that got me, too much aniseed.


I came across a wine called “The Watchmaker“, an Argentine/Mendoza Malbec, dated 2021.

Vilarissa Valley Douro Doc 2019, Portugal, again, very drinkable but not inspid, Laithwaites say, ” Inky dark and velvet smooth.” and “Dark ripe mulberries, currants, plush tannins, spicy vanilla finish”; I am not that good yet, despite the practice, but I have another bottle.

Black stump “Durif Shiraz”, 2021, from Oz surprisingly smooth, a nice sour taste, zero earth! They say, “a velvety, voluptuous, and irresistible style”


Red Wine
Hooray! This is what its meant to be about!

Chateau Mauvinon Bellevue, Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2005. That makes a grand slam, all three bottles were great. Bought from Laithwaites, as part of the Claret Club. 15 Dec 2008

Chateau Chantemerle, Cuvee du Moulin, Medoc 2006. I enjoyed this too. Bought from Laithwaites, as part of the Claret Club. I enjoyed this. 15 Dec 2008

Chateau Moulin de Pillardot Another Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, this time 2006. Bought from Laithwaites, as part of the Claret Club. I enjoyed this. 15 Dec 2008

Chateau Gachon Montagne St. Emillon 2004 Laithwaites

J-P Moueix Medoc 2005, Laithwaites

Chateau Moulin de Pillardot Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon 2003. Bought from Laithwaites. Requires, splashy decanting – and breathe for an hour. C3695800 4 Jan 2007

Chateau Faure-Beausehour 2004 Merlot 2004. Advised to let breath for 20 minutes.

Calvet Reserve Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 – Now this ought to be good. Bought from Waitrose. Very Musty – but I did finish it. Worth another go; it could be the bottle. Waitrose

Reserve des Dames de l’Aire 2005, Corbieres AOC, supplied by Laithwaites, worth remembering!

Some whites

I bought a mixed crate from Laithwaites for Xmas 2006. It included:-

Brezza Blanca, an italian Vino Da Tavola, the Sunday Times wine club says “Brezza Bianca is Grave del Friuli DOC wine in all but name … each year, to keep quality up, any surplus harvest must be declassified and set aside as table wine. That means you get the best of both worlds – quality at a fraction of the cost!”. Laithwaites, Xmas 2006 Sue has now drunk this and confirms its very nice. Xmas 2007

Il Papavero, another italian Vino Da Tavola, nice smooth dry unoaked. Laithwaites, Xmas 2006


Cape Nelson 2011 A blend,Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz, but surprisingly good. Breedekloof Winery, so South African. Bought for me by Stan so dunno who sells it.

Willy Willy Shiraz 2008, this restores my faith in Australian Shiraz, can’t find my notes, but went down really nicely and surprisingly smooth for what it is. I shall get some more of this when I get bored of the Yellow Tail. Laithwaites.

[ Yellow Tail ] Merlot, astonishingly undated, they say plums & mulberries, I say one of the best form Tescos in a while. I shall be buying this until the y increase the price.

LA Cetto Petite Syrah 2008, some years this has been a great wine, but I bought one of these from Waitrose over the weekend, and while it tasted OK, it gave me a hell of a head. I doubt I’ll try this year again, at least no in the UK. Sept 2009.

Lindemans Bin 40, Merlot 2008, a real surprice, good though, bought from Threshers at Waterloo. 28th April 2009

Inycon Cab. Sauv. 2007 from Sciliy. Very Nice! Tescos 26th April 2009

Tesco’s Napa Valley Merlot 2005, from the Winery Exchange, Graton CA. Enjoyed that! Need to try it again. 26th April 2009

Waitrose ‘the Little Penguin 2007, Shiraz’, from SE Oz. One of the best Shiraz I have ever tasted. Bought for me, but as I say I suspect from Waitrose.

Tesco Argentina Reserve 2007, Malbec, I have tasted better Malbecs but stiil proves that Argentina does something right with this grape. Tesco.

Boschendal, Lanoy Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, this was surprisingly smooth and forgiving. Tesco

Jock’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, from the McPherson Family Vinyard, Australian, of course. Very nice! Laithwaites Mar 2008. I need to get some more of this.

Fina Flichman Vino Reserve, Oak Aged Malbec 2006, not to oaky, once again with Malbec, rather nice. Waitrose Xmas 2007

Domaine La Tuque Bel Air – Cotes de castillon 2000 – Is this a Claret? Quite an old wine, tasted that way too! May give this another chance to see this bottle was representative or not. Somerfield

Les Clefs de St Pierre 2004 – Chateau Neuf de Pape – Too expensive for quaffing, not special enough as a treat. Somerfield

Irony – Pinot Noir, Napa Valley 2004 – Amongst the smoothest red I’ve ever drank in California, which isn’t saying much. Worth writing about though! The Left Bank, Palo Alto

Domaine Font de Michelle 2004 – A present for Xmas 2007, which is when I drank it. Quite smooth. Not sure what to say about the taste, I couldn’t recognise anythign other than grape.

Perrin & Fils Vacqueryras 2005 – bought and drank over Xmas 2007. Rather Nice. Waitrose

When in Zurich, we tried some Swiss Wine, which we rather liked.

Image Credit for featured image: found on flickr, CC Robert Allen 2008 BY-NC-ND, stored and processed for the usual reasons. For the image in the text, entitled, “splashily decanted”, I have performed a tin-eye search and the oldest reply is no longer on the internet. I assert this is an orphan work.

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