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Rendering New Age Video

Rendering New Age Video

While winding myself up to play NWN2, I started experimenting with image morphing software, to see if I could make a video of a Druid Shifter polymorphing into their werebear shape. Sadly I think I lost the pictures from the 1st attempt and so as I started the game I had another go. Anyway once created, there is the question of how to serve it on the web. This article documents the tools I used to create the video and the tools I used to host it on this page.

I originally used Kafka, which I couldn’t get to generate the movie, and so the second time, I used Squirlz Morph and Tracy’s Tutorial , more tips can be found here. This will generate a movie as flash, .avi or an animated .gif.

The flash could be rendered in wordpress using a plugin, this one is the most highly scored but the HTML5 Video tag looks as if it’s a piece of piss, and so I think I’ll convert it to a modern, open format and use that. Because I shall be hosting in wordpress, I need to use the Code Embed plugin and so I will avoid the need for an additional plugin just for flash. I used this page to discover the full list of video tag attributes.

I found Flabco’s converter, which allows you to download and have your own copy but has a 7Mb size limit. I then FTP’d it to my server.

The video html is

<center><video controls>
<source src=""
This browser doesn't support the video tag


The video is a derived work which I claim copyright on, the bear comes from flickr, the woman comes from a fan forum, the video that contains the image is on YouTube.

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    I wonder how the wordpress "add media" dialogue would work.
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