I need a couple of jobs done on my desktop machines (all Windows XP) and have been installing Activestate TCL on my windows systems for years. This page talks about my favourite, or favourite at the time.

All these scripts use an icon placed in the standard installation graphics folder for TCL. This is at ${ROOT}/lib/tk8.5/images

The three files are .gif format, TCL has format restrictions

info   question  warning

My favourite source for icons for use with windows is the “Boomy Icon Set”. Use your favourite search engine to find it


I now have version 2.0, It reads a file and displays it in a windows, it allows you to dismiss the message from the screen.


To remind people to turn on the E: drive.


This is necessary to play multi-user diablo. It displays the public ip address of the network, which is held by the gateway and the web server. I use ‘ping’ and my web server, so only works for me, someone else’ll have to mod this. It has only been tested on XP.


The three scripts and the icons are held in tclscriptsforwindows.zip and I have uploaded two of these to my windows tools repo on github.

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