Because it is! Has disposable safety razor technology improved? I have always just bought what’s available from my supermarket but my local Tesco has become unreliable in what it sells. I bought a Gillette 3 the other day and it was jolly good. So what’s going on?

Gillette who claim to have the best blades in the world, are trying to create annuity income. Their premier product would seem to be the Mach 3, which can be bought as a pack of disposables, and as refillable razor handle for which you can subscribe to refills.

Today the disposables cost about £2.33 (less at Amazon) , and the refill blades on the Turbo are £2.60, so unless I find the Turbo which I have just bought by accident a better shave, it look like I’ll be buying disposables from Amazon, because the delivery is already paid for.

I used to use this product’s predecessor from Wilkinson, now called the Xtreme-3-black-edition.

I think three blades is best, and that if one goes too cheap, they’re harder to use and it’s easier to cut myself.

I gave up using an electric razor when one of the vendors used the slogan, “Shaves as smooth as a blade.”. I thought why put up with second best. Although the environmental impact of having to buy aerosol shaving soap can’t be good. But amazon sell shaving soap as a bar, I think I’ll try some of that too.

The picture is mine, CC0 DFL 2022

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